A mouse that is not sensitive enough might require you to pick it up repeatedly just to get across the screen. Bad sensitivity settings of the mouse can be frustrating. A mouse that is more sensitive can also difficult to click accurately. Here I will tell you how you will change your mouse sensitivity.

To change your mouse sensitivity First click on the start button and type “Mouse Setting” in the search bar then click on it.

In the mouse, window adjusts the slider labeled “Cursor speed” to the sensitivity that feels you the best.

If you want more sensitivity in mouse pointing speed you can still change the mouse sensitivity through the Control Panel. To access the control panel, click the Start button and type “control panel” into the search box. Then hit Enter or click “Open.”

Click the search bar in the top right-hand corner of the Control Panel window and type “Mouse.”

Once you’ve run the search, click “Change the mouse pointer display or speed.”

Click on the “Pointer Options” tab in the Mouse Properties window and adjust the slider labeled “Select a pointer speed” to your liking.

Now close all the tabs.

That’s it!

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