There are Multiple methods to check the Computer Specification First we check the system specification

With task managers here we use Simply use command Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc once we press this command it will directly take us to Windows Task Managers here select the option Performance.

In the “Performance” tab, on the left side, you will see your PC’s various hardware components. To get more information about a component, click that component.
On the right pane, you will see the details of your selected hardware item. This includes the measurable amount of your item as well as its model number.
And that’s how you know what your PC is built up of
To Open Setting use key Windows + I for 

Scroll down and click on About section of getting computer Specification

On the right pane, under “Device Specifications,” you will see your computer’s specifications.

And that’s all there is to finding more information about your computer.

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