Open “VM VirtualBox Manager” and select the open “New” for creating a new virtual machine

Now Enter the “Name” you want to set for your virtual machine set the “Type” of the Operating system and its “Version” and select the Next key.
Memory Size defines the Size of “RAM” and the speed you required for your VM here I m going to select the 2GB for my virtual Machine that runs the VM smoothly you can set it according to your need.
By default, VDI (VirtualBox disk image) is checked to select the next option to continue.
Set the Virtual disk for your virtual machine and select the create button.

Now your Virtual Machine is created and you can double click and open it and start testing on your

Virtual machine.

For modifying Resource Setting just click on the setting Icon

By clicking on the setting, it will open the VM Setting from here you can set the settings as per your requirements.

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