Some it happens your OS Drive fails and all data or Applications installed on your Drive C: is fails and you have no backup image, you need to reinstall all the apps and configure each application one by one it will take a huge time to do it, to avoid that, consider creating system image backups

What is System Image Backup?

In Windows System image backup is an exact copy of the entire C: Drive that contained your all-active installation of Windows and apps you installed when the system is a failure you can restore your backup without any change all data will restore in a few minutes

Steps to Create System Image Backup on Windows 11

Press Windows + S and Type Control Panel and click on it

In “Adjust your computer Setting” Click on Backup and Restore (Windows 7)
Select the Create a system image Option for fresh backup.
Click on the Down Arrow icon and select the location where you want to create a backup image to be saved and click next to continue.
Leave it as default and click Next to Continue
Now click on start backup to start the image backup
It will take a few minutes to create a system image backup, and your back is ready after this process you can use it if your OS is a failure.

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