First click on the start button and search for “Outlook” then click on that.

After opening Outlook click on the “Calendar” option.
Now click on the “New Appointment” button that show on the left top side of the window.
Then click on new appointment and here you will have to write the subject and location then set the starting time and the end time of the reminder and here you will also have to set the reminder time.
Then you will see the reminder pop up is open on the given starting time
Or its also remind you before the stating time.
You will also see the reminder on the calendar that you will set on the certain date.
Set reminders for existing calendar appointments

Double-click on the desired appointment. The appointment will open.

In the “Options” group in the ribbon, locate the “Reminder” drop-down box and select the time you want the reminder to display (i.e. “15 minutes” will display a reminder 15 minutes before the appointment begins.) Select “None” if you do not want a reminder for this appointment.

Click [Save & Close].

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