Uploading the Article on WordPress we can first open the google chrome browser we type the URL of our WordPress blogs Website like https://websitename.com/wp-admin/ the WP-admin we use for login the word Press as shown in the below screenshot

Fill in the User name and Password and select the login button to log in to the WordPress Dashboard

For uploading or creating a new article on WordPress lets click on Posts and then select Add New Posts

Here below screenshot click on Add Title to add the Heading of your article and the Paragraph you want to add.
For uploading  images click on + Icon and select the images option
Upload the image saved on your PC which you want to upload

Here your Image is uploaded you can resize it by Double click on it

From Right Top in Post Section, we make some changes like selecting the Categories where your blog falls and scrolling down and selecting the Add Tags which helps your blogs site to Optimize and Boost Up in High Rank
A featured image means an image that will use as a display image like a thumbnails image, click on the featured image and upload the image that you want to set as a thumbnail or display image
Our blog is near to complete in the final step we need to click on Publish and it will be Publish and can be seen on our blog site as live  
After Publish the blog will appear on our blog site as shown in the below screen

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