Our work is constantly being disrupted. Randomly spaced notifications appear to divert our focus from the tasks that should be taking priority.

Keep moving forward with the help of Focus Assist. To stop being bothered by notifications, alerts, and other nagging information when you need to keep on task, simply flip a switch.

First, Click on the start button and search for ‘Settings’.

Then click on the ‘System’ option.

Here you will see the option of ‘Focus assist’ click on it.

When you’re presenting or sharing your screen, the no-interruption software can be set to automatically turn on during specific times, or you can manually turn it on to avoid potentially embarrassing notifications.

You can also customize the priority of your notifications by just selecting the ‘priority only’ option.

You can choose the critical people and even applications you wish to receive immediate notifications from by selecting them under the option that says “Customize your priority list,” which is located under the ‘Priority only’ option. You’ll put everything else aside so you can concentrate on the things at hand.

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