1. Press Windows key Plus “S “Key for Search

Search is “Open UP”.

2. Windows Key Plus” E” – Windows File Explorer.

3. Windows Key Plus”R” Run Dialog

Here you type any number of command to execute them.

4. Windows Key + “A” – Action Center

This combination will open up the action center here you can see the notifications

5. Windows Key + “D” – View Desktop

This allow you to view the desktop.

6. Windows Key + , – Peek Desktop

This allow to Peek the desktop if you hold the windows key then you will get back to previous

7. Windows Key + + & – Windows Zoom

This key allow launches the windows Magnifier

8. Windows Key + i – Windows Settings

This key will bring you directly to Windows Settings

9. Alt + PrtScn – Print Application

This allows you to capture your desktop screen.

10. Windows Key + x – secret menu

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