Download the Windows 10 Installation media


Once file is Downloaded click on open file and start the Installation Process

Accept the Applicable notice and license terms.

Now select the option create installation media (USB,flash,DVD or ISO files) and click the Next button

to Continue.

Now select the language, Windows edition and Architecture or select the check the box
Use the recommended options for this PC
Select the USB flash Drive option click on Next Button.

Select the (USB DISK) and click on next to continue

It takes few minutes to create the Windows 10 media

Now your USB Flash drive is ready for installation process.

Insert the Hard Drive and bootup your PC with boot command when you power on your pc press F9 for HP PC and for Dell F12.

If it doesn’t, check to make sure that the USB drive is selected in the PC’s BIOS.

Select your language, time zone, and keyboard input

Click the Install Now Option to start the Installation of Windows 10
If you have product key simply enter it other wise click on I don’t have a product key and click next to
Select the Operating system you want to install and click next to continue .

Now select the applicable notices and license terms click on next to continue.

Now select the Custom installation if you want format or recreate the new partition or install on previous partitions.
Select the partition on which you want to install Windows 10
Now your windows Installation is started it take few minutes to complete the windows 10 installation.
After installation of windows 10 it will restart once.

Installation is completed now set region and click yes for next step

Now Set the user name first and click on Next.
Now set the new password and remember it
Now chose the privacy of your choice and click on Accept to complete this process .
Now windows 10 installation is completed and you are welcome to Windows 10 Operating system.

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